§ 23-347. Day care.  

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  • Day care establishments are defined in Article VIII and by Florida statutes and codes. A "day care home" usually provides care for four (4) or fewer individuals and isa permitted accessory use to a single-family house pursuant to section 23-521. A "day care center" usually provides care to more than four (4) individuals and is permitted as indicated on Table 23-421.

    a. Site plan review is required for the establishment of any day care home or day care center for the purpose of ensuring adequate parking and safe traffic circulation. Prior to the final approval of a site plan for such a facility, a copy of the state license for the facility/provider must be provided to the administrative official.

    b. A day care home is permitted to have one wall sign not exceeding six (6) square feet in size or one ground sign not exceeding six (6) square feet in size and five (5) feet in height. Day care centers shall comply with the sign regulations set forth in Table 23-545

    c. Outdoor play areas shall be screened from adjoining properties and from streets as set forth in section 23-307

    d. Adequate and safe drop-off/pick-up areas for vehicles shall be provided.

    e. A floor plan showing dimensions of all rooms to be used for the day care operation shall be submitted with the application for review and recommendation from the building official and fire marshall prior to the approval of any site plan for a day care facility. Inspection of the premises by the city will be required.

(Ord. No. 2007-02, § 9, 3-6-07)