§ 21-128. Requirements for reclaimed water facilities.  

Effective on Tuesday, November 1, 2022
  • (a) Application for construction of reclaimed water extensions. An application for construction of reclaimed water extensions shall be submitted to the city and approved by the director prior to construction.

    (b) Construction specifications.

    (1) Pipe, including color and labeling, shall meet or exceed standards set by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and standards of the American Water Works Association.

    (2) Pipe mains shall be a minimum of six (6) inches in diameter with the following exceptions:

    a. Four-inch mains. Mains that are four (4) inches in diameter will only be allowed by approval of the director, and in no case will be allowed for any extension serving more than five (5) domestic customers on a cul-de-sac or two (2) domestic customers on a line that is looped. Four-inch mains shall be connected at each end to a main that is six (6) inches or larger in diameter. A four-inch main shall be looped to a main six (6) inches or larger in diameter in a cul-de-sac.

    b. Service lines. Service line pipe size shall be required in accordance with the type or size of property served, but in no case shall be less than one (1) inch in diameter.

    (3) Mains in the public rights-of-way shall be located a uniform distance from the curb, and the location shall be approved by the director.

    (4) Vertical and horizontal clearances from potable water lines and sewage collection lines shall be as specified in the applicable Florida Department of Environmental Protection rules.

    (5) All valves and outlets shall be placed in tamper-proof boxes and appropriately tagged or labeled to warn the public and employees that the water is not intended for drinking.

    (6) Where irrigation mains are to be turned over to the city, the customer shall submit such documents as are normally required for the dedication of public facilities.

    (7) "As-built" drawings shall be submitted to the department upon completion of the irrigation system.

    (c) Fire protection. Hydrants shall be installed on mains constructed at such locations as deemed appropriate by the director for purposes of flushing the reclaimed water system to maintain water quality and may be used as an auxiliary source of water for fire protection. The pressure and/or volume of reclaimed water through a reclaimed water hydrant is not guaranteed.

    (d) Common service lines. The director shall have the authority to approve one (1) service line to connect two (2) or more customers when sufficient capacity is available. In these cases, each customer shall pay the full connection charge. Common service lines will be sized to provide adequate service to each customer serviced.

    (e) Acceptance of facilities by city.

    (1) Public easement required. For reclaimed water lines and appurtenances which are initially installed by a person or entity other than the city, said lines and appurtenances shall not be accepted by the city for maintenance unless the facilities are within a dedicated public right-of-way or easement and the facilities are determined by the director to be in good working order. Any new easement or licensed or permitted area shall be adequately sized to accommodate construction and maintenance of any reclaimed water system component. No obstruction of whatever kind shall be planted, built, or otherwise created within the limits of the easement, right-of-way or licensed or permitted area without the written permission of the director.

    (2) Ownership by city. All reclaimed water facilities and appurtenances within dedicated public rights-of-way or easements when constructed or accepted by the city shall become and remain the property of the city. No applicant or customer shall by payment of any charges provided herein, or by causing any construction of facilities accepted by the city, acquire any interest or right in any of these facilities or portions thereof, other than the privilege of having their property connected thereto for reclaimed water service in accordance with this article.

    (3) Maintenance by city. All facilities that have been accepted by the city shall become the property of the city and shall be operated, maintained and repaired by the city. No person shall perform any work nor be reimbursed for any work on the system unless written authorization from the city is received prior to the work being accomplished.

    (4) Liability for system failure. The city shall make a reasonable effort to inspect and keep its facilities in good repair, but assumes no liability for any damage caused by the system that is beyond the control of normal maintenance or due to situations not previously reported to the department. This shall include damage due to breaking of the pipes, poor quality of water caused by unauthorized or illegal entry of foreign material into the system, faulty operation of fire protection facilities, or other reasons.

    (f) Maintenance by customer. The customer shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of all irrigation lines and appurtenances on the customer's property, unless said facilities are located within land previously conveyed to the city or land in which the city has issued a license or permit to operate such facilities. The city reserves the right to disconnect the service to any property when the irrigation system appurtenances are not properly maintained or fail to meet the requirements of Chapter 62-610, Florida Administrative Code. In addition, should the customer require reclaimed water at different pressures or different quality, or in any way different from that normally supplied by the city, the customer shall be responsible for the necessary devices to make these adjustments and for obtaining the approval of the director.

(Ord. No. 2001-06, § 1, 5-15-01; Ord. No. 2022-48, § 1, 11-01-22)