§ 21-127. Discontinuation and interruption of service.  

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  • (a) Discontinuation of service by city. The city may discontinue reclaimed water service to any customer due to a violation of the terms of this chapter or any other city regulation, nonpayment of bills, tampering with any service, plumbing of cross-connections with another water source, or the undertaking of any other activity that may be detrimental to the system. The city has the right to cease service until the condition is corrected and all costs due to the city are paid. These costs may include delinquent billings, connection charges, and payment for any damages to the system. Where the violation endangers the public health or safety of the public or customer, the reclaimed water service shall be subject to immediate discontinuation without prior written or verbal notice. Should discontinued service be restored without authorization of the city, such restoration shall be deemed a violation of the provisions of this chapter and shall incur penalties as provided in section 21-131

    (b) Discontinuation and reinstatement of service by customer. A request to discontinue service must be received by the department at least two (2) business days prior to discontinuation. Service may be reinstated by a customer upon application for reinstatement and payment of any past due charges on the account. A request for reinstatement of service must be received by the department at least two (2) business days prior to reinstatement.

    (c) Service interruption. The city reserves the right to temporarily interrupt service without notice to any portion of the reclaimed water system or the entire reclaimed water system as deemed necessary by the director. The director shall have the authority to establish schedules which restrict the use of the reclaimed water system at certain times in order to reduce maximum demands on the system and to regulate usage during periods of limited reclaimed water availability.

(Ord. No. 2001-06, § 1, 5-15-01)