§ 21-126. Requirements for reclaimed water service applicants.  

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  • (a) Application. Reclaimed water service shall be applied for in the utilities department by completing and signing an application form and hold harmless agreement. New customers applying for an initial connection in a project area funded by a special assessment shall also sign a voluntary lien agreement.

    (b) Dimensional plan. Applications for all reclaimed water service within any right-of-way maintained by the city, county, or state shall include a dimensional plan showing the location of the requested service line and delivery point relative to the nearest street intersection, etc., as required by the city, the county, or the state department of transportation.

    (c) Irrigation system. Before any application for reclaimed water service will be approved, the customer must have a suitable irrigation system. The irrigation system to be provided by the customer shall consist of an underground system with permanently placed sprinkler devices or below-ground hose-bibbs contained in a locked valve box. No system with a cross-connection to the potable water system will be considered for connection to the reclaimed water system. The system shall not include above-ground faucets or other devices or connections that could permit reclaimed water to be used for any purpose other than irrigation, unless such uses and system have been approved in writing by the director. All new irrigation systems constructed in areas where the city has determined to make reclaimed water available shall be constructed in accordance with Chapter 62-610, Florida Administrative Code. The customer shall provide the city with an irrigation system plan consisting of a schematic drawing of the irrigation system before receiving service. Temporary systems will not be considered for connection.

    (d) Easement. An applicant for reclaimed water service to a site which does not have public access shall grant perpetual easements to the city for reclaimed water distribution facilities as required to provide reclaimed water service. Said easements shall be in a form acceptable to the city attorney and shall be submitted to the city with the application for service.

    (e) Flow meter. All reclaimed water customers shall be required to utilize an appropriate sized flow meter. All meters for the reclaimed water system will be installed and owned by the city. An estimate for the cost of the meter and installation fees will be prepared by the department in accordance with section 21-161 and submitted to the applicant for payment prior to installation.

    (f) Cross-connection control. On all premises where reclaimed water service is provided, the public or private potable water supply shall be protected by an approved backflow prevention device.

    (1) All devices and material installed for backflow prevention must be approved by the director and must be installed in accordance with city standards. Where any cross-connection is found, it shall be disconnected. Before re-connection of that service, the public potable water system shall be protected against the possibility of future cross-connections, and additional devices may be required as specified by the director and installed at the customer's expense.

    (2) All reclaimed water service serving commercial or industrial customers shall have a double check valve assembly approved by the director.

    (3) Reclaimed water customers shall bear all costs of installation, testing, and maintenance of the protection device.

    (g) Restricted use agreement. All applicants for reclaimed water service shall be required to sign a restricted use agreement prior to approval of the application and comply with the following:

    (1) Use of reclaimed water shall be limited to irrigation of turf grass, shrubbery, ornamental plants, trees, bedding materials, potted plants, controlled containment areas such as greenhouses used for the purpose of cultivating ornamental plant vegetation and ornamental plant germination beds.

    (2) Reclaimed water shall not be allowed to enter a dwelling or commercial unit for toilet flushing or other household uses.

    (3) Reclaimed water shall not be used for human or animal consumption, interconnecting with another water source, sprinkling of edible crops or gardens, body contact recreation, use through hose bibbs, faucets, quick couplers, etc., filling of swimming pools, sharing a reclaimed service or connection between properties, augmenting lake or pond levels, filling of decorative ponds or fountains, supplying air cooling systems, or washing of equipment such as cars, boats, driveways, roofs, structures, etc.

    (4) Reclaimed water shall not be permitted to discharge off-site, either directly or through a stormwater drainage system.

    (5) Reclaimed water shall not be sold, bartered, traded, or otherwise transferred to any other person or entity without written authorization of the city.

    (6) Any violation of the restricted use agreement shall result in immediate discontinuation of reclaimed water service and subject to penalties provided in section 21-131

    (h) Inspections. To determine the presence of any potential hazards to the public potable water system and for the purposes of perpetual maintenance and repair of reclaimed water system appurtenances, the city shall have the right to enter upon the premises of any customer receiving reclaimed water. Each customer of reclaimed water service shall, by application, give written consent to such entry.

(Ord. No. 2001-06, § 1, 5-15-01)