§ 23-542. Accessory structures, in general.  

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  • a. Location. Accessory structures in nonresidential districts shall not be located within the front yard unless otherwise noted.

    b. Setbacks. Unless otherwise noted, an accessory structure shall maintain the setbacks required in the zoning district (See Table 23-422B) and shall be limited by the ground coverage maximum as required by the zoning district in which the property is located. See Table 23-422B, "Dimensional and Area Standards—Nonresidential Districts."

    TABLE 23-542

    Buildings, including, but not limited to, garages, carports, vending machine shelters, offices, storage sheds and utility buildings1 Vending machine shelters that serve the public, as at a gasoline station, they may be located within the front yard, but no closer than 15 feet to the front property line, and shall be landscaped per the requirements of the administrative official.
    Decks and patios Decks and patios, whether or not attached or adjacent to a principal building, that have a floor one foot or more above grade shall meet the setback requirements for principal structures (See Table 422B) in a front yard and a five-foot setback in a rear or side yard.
    Driveways and parking areas Driveways and parking areas are permitted in the front yard subject to requirements of section 23-306
    Dumpster and garbage can enclosures1 Must be screened from view with landscaping or a solid fence with landscaping. No setback required.
    Fences and hedges Subject to requirements of section 23-543
    Mechanical equipment including, but not limited to heating, ventilating and air conditioning machinery, and natural or propane gas tanks Must be screened from public view; screening may include any combination of landscaping and building material. If building material is to be utilized for screening purposes and is visible from the right-of-way, such materials shall be consistent with the architectural design of the principal structure. No setback required.
    Recreational facilities such as tennis courts, shuffleboard courts, playground equipment etc.1 No setback required.
    Retaining walls Structures meeting the definition for "retaining wall" (See section 23-802) shall meet the setback requirements for a principal structure (See Table 422B) in a front yard and a five-foot setback in a rear or side yard.
    Satellite dishes or antennas Subject to requirements of section 23-544
    Signs Subject to requirements of section 23-545
    Swimming pools1 Subject to requirements of section 23-546
    Tents Permitted only in conjunction with special sales or public events subject to issuance of permit by administrative official and inspection by building official and fire marshal. Special permit approval required for location in parking area.
    Accessory structures must meet setback requirements of zoning district, unless otherwise noted. See Table 23-422B.


(Ord. No. 2007-02, § 20, 3-6-2007)

Permitted in side and rear yards provided setback requirements are met. Recreational facilities, including swimming pools, may be allowed in the front yard by special permit pursuant to section 23-216