§ 23-541. Accessory uses.  

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  • Accessory uses allowed in conjunction with nonresidential properties are those activities which are ordinarily conducted in conjunction with a nonresidential principal use and include, but are not limited to those listed in Table 23-541.

    TABLE 23-541

    Day care for children of employees Services shall be limited to children of employees, and no outside signs indicating the service shall be displayed.
    Food sales, including snack bars and vending machines Food sales shall be conducted either in the interior of the principal building or within a roofed accessory structure. Vending machines located along the front wall of the principal building are not required to be within a roofed structure.
    Special sale or event Any use of parking area or outdoor display, sale, or storage of merchandise or services requires a special permit pursuant to section 23-216 except as allowed under section 23-343, Auctions, sales, and events, temporary.
    Garaging and parking of vehicles In accordance with section 23-306. All vehicles shall be parked in approved parking spaces and shall not be parked in unpaved areas unless specifically approved pursuant to a site plan review under section 23-222.5.
    Newsracks/Modular Newsracks See section 23-352
    Personal services establishment Such uses shall be accessory only to offices, hotel, motels or health care facilities which have a minimum gross floor area of 20,000 sq. ft.
    Retail sales of items related to the principal use of the property Sales area is limited to 25 percent of the total building floor area.
    Service and repair of items sold or rented out by the principal business (example, auto service department of an auto sales business)
    Storage of items related to the principal use, including temporary storage of refuse for collection. Provided that no storage shall be outside except as otherwise allowed by these land development regulations and except for dumpsters or other trash receptacles which are enclosed, screened and landscaped


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