§ 23-215. Land alteration permit.  

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  • Sec. 215.1 Applicability. A land alteration permit is required prior to undertaking activities listed below unless the activity is specifically authorized under a site development permit pursuant to section 23-217 or the site is a single-family lot. A land alteration permit is intended for authorizing site work not related to imminent development of the land. It may be used to prepare land for agricultural use, improve the appearance or conditions of a property or to prepare land for sale or for future development. For site work in preparation for development, a site development permit is required, pursuant to section 23-217, following the approval of a preliminary site plan, subdivision, or planned development project plan. The removal of trees requiring a tree removal permit pursuant to section 23-214 may be authorized under a land alteration permit if warranted under the provisions of that section; however, it is the intent of this chapter that the removal of trees from a site, other than a single-family lot, to be developed in future be undertaken consistent with an approved preliminary plan (site plan, subdivision, or planned development project) and site development permit pursuant to section 23-217.

    a. Massive clearing of vegetation, including clearing or grubbing of more than five thousand (5,000) square feet of land, but not including mowing and cutting of brush for maintenance.

    b. Excavation or filling, defined as the removal or placement of more than one hundred (100) cubic yards of earth or the alteration of the elevation of more than one thousand two hundred fifty (1,250) square feet of land area more than two (2) feet. The application shall be accompanied by a site plan, drawn to scale, showing the location and area to be affected and by drawings showing cross-section of areas proposed for filling or excavation. Additional information such as elevation and drainage data and tree survey may be required by the administrative official if necessary to adequately predict the consequences of the proposal. (See section 23-302).

    Sec. 23-215.2 Application. Application shall be made on forms supplied by the administrative official and shall be accompanied by the fee as set forth in section 23-242.

    Sec. 23-215.3 Permit. The administrative official and the director of public works, as applicable, shall review and act upon land alteration permit applications in accordance with section 23-215 and article III, division 1, as applicable.