Article VI. Mechanical Standards  

§ 7-131. Mechanical code—Adopted.
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The Standard Mechanical Code, 1994 edition, as published by the Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc., is hereby adopted by reference and shall be known and identified as the mechanical code of the city.

(Code 1962, § 8-90; Ord. No. 90-12, § 1, 7-17-90; Ord. No. 96-10, § 1, 5-21-96)

§ 7-132. Mechanical and air conditioning license examinations; reciprocity.
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(a) The city does hereby enter into the membership of the Board of Examiners of Polk County and Municipalities, Inc., for the express purpose of allowing that board to handle competency examinations for the certification of all mechanical and air conditioning contractors and for the issuance of certificates of competency for those who engage in mechanical and air conditioning contracting within the city. The city manager will promulgate rules and regulations for the purpose of setting up a system of reciprocity for the examination of persons to engage in the trade of mechanical and air conditioning construction for various participating municipalities in Polk County. The rules and regulations shall provide for a joint board of examiners by all participating municipalities in Polk County, and may provide a method for the examination of the qualifications of persons desiring to engage in the trade of mechanical and air conditioning construction in the city, and may provide that those who pass such examination are entitled to the issuance of a certificate of competency, as a mechanical or air conditioning contractor, by the city, and may provide for the issuance of the certificate of competency by the building official to each successful applicant.

(b) No business tax receipt shall be issued to any person for the purpose of engaging in or working at or carrying on the business of mechanical or air conditioning contracting unless such person is in possession of a proper and valid certificate of competency as required under this article.

(c) The Board of Examiners of Polk County and Municipalities, Inc., may use any recognized testing agency or testing method that is available.

(d) The city does hereby establish, with other municipalities, a contractors' disciplinary board in accordance with F.S. § 489.131(7)(a), to discipline violations as set forth in F.S. § 489.129. The city shall appoint one (1) or more members to this board. Each appointee shall be a licensed contractor either registered or certified as a contractor with the state. The building official may submit to the board the name of any contractor who violates the building codes as adopted by the city code of ordinances.

(Code 1962, § 8-91; Ord. No. 92-12, § 6, 9-22-92; Ord. No. 92-22, § 5, 1-5-93; Ord. No. 96-12, § 1, 6-4-96; Ord. No. 2006-47, § 3, 12-5-06)

§ 7-133. Mechanical official.
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The building official or his designee shall be the mechanical official in the city. Whenever the word "official" appears in this mechanical code, it will be understood to refer to the building official or his designee.

(Ord. No. 90-12, § 1, 7-17-90)