Article I. In General  

§ 1.01. Incorporation.
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The inhabitants of the City of Lake Wales, Florida, as its limits now or as the same may be hereafter established shall continue to be a body politic under the municipal corporate name of Lake Wales, and as such shall have perpetual succession.

§ 1.02. General powers.
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The city commission of the City of Lake Wales, as the governing body pursuant to the provisions of Article VIII, Section 2(b) of the State Constitution and the provisions of the Municipal Home Rule Powers Act, Chapter 73-129, Laws of Florida, has the power to enact any legislation concerning any subject matter upon which the state legislature may act except when expressly prohibited by law and shall have the governmental corporate and proprietary powers to enable it to conduct municipal functions and render municipal services and exercise any powers for municipal purposes as provided by law except where expressly prohibited by law.

§ 1.03. Ethics policy.
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The city commission of the City of Lake Wales may, by ordinance, impose upon its officers, both elected and appointed, and its employees additional or more stringent standards of ethical conduct and disclosure requirements than currently exist by law, provided that those standards and requirements do not otherwise conflict with law or the provisions of the Charter. In the event such standards or requirements are adopted, the said standards or requirements may only be revised or repealed by a super majority vote of the city commission.

(Ord. No. 2011-01, § 1, 2-1-11)