§ 23-402. Maps.  

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  • a. Zoning Map. The Zoning Map of the City of Lake Wales assigns zoning district designations to all property within the city and is hereby made a part of this chapter. The map may be amended periodically as provided in F.S. ch. 166. Amendments shall be made in accordance with section 23-404. The map is maintained by the administrative official and is used to determine the uses allowed on specific properties and regulations

    b. Future Land Use Map. The map adopted as part of the comprehensive plan to show the designation of land areas in accordance with the policies of the future land use element and other elements of the comprehensive plan.

    c. Flood Insurance Rate Map. The maps established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency showing areas of special flood hazard.

    d. Wellhead Protection Area Map. The map showing the Zone of Exclusion and Zone of Protection established pursuant to this chapter.

    e. Downtown Historic Business District Map. The map showing the boundary of the "Downtown Historic Business District."

(Ord. No. 2008-12, § 2, 5-20-08; Ord. No. 2008-29, § 2, 9-2-08)