§ 23-404. Criteria for zoning district designations.  

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  • All land within the city shall be assigned a zoning district designation from the list of standard zoning districts provided in section 23-401. The following criteria shall be used to make changes in assignments whether initiated by the city or by a property owner pursuant to section 23-218.

    a. Consistency with the comprehensive plan. All zoning district assignments shall be consistent with the comprehensive plan, including the future land use map and future land use element goals, objectives and policies. The zoning designation shall be consistent with the land use category of the future land use map.

    b. Land use compatibility. The assigning of zoning districts shall promote compatibility of adjacent land uses.

    c. Adequate public facilities. The assigning of a zoning district designation shall be consistent with the public facilities available to set the types of uses allowed in the proposed zoning district. The level of service standards set forth in the comprehensive plan shall be considered in assigning zoning districts and there shall be reasonable assurance that the demand for services allowed in the proposed zoning district can be met.

    d. Public interest. Zoning district designations shall not be in conflict with the public interest and shall promote the public health, safety and welfare.

    e. Consistency with land development regulations. Zoning district designations shall be consistent with the purpose and intent of these land development regulations.