§ 21-4. Construction of utility lines and other additions to the system.  

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  • (a) Design. Plans and specifications for all authorized utility extensions and installations shall be in compliance with the standards of the city and shall be prepared and signed by a professional engineer registered in the state; the only exception to this a minor extension done by the city. All plans and specifications for these extensions and appurtenances which are to be connected to the city's utility system shall be approved by the director of utilities or his designated agent prior to starting construction. For utility extensions not designed and constructed by the city, the applicant shall furnish six (6) copies of as-built plans and two (2) sets of reproducible Mylar as-built plans showing the completed work, together with an affidavit of periodic and final inspections by a registered, professional engineer certifying that work as constructed complies with the approved city standards. These as-built plans shall be filed with the director of utilities, or designated agent for his approval, before the completed utility extension is accepted by the city.

    (b) Location and installation. All authorized municipal utility extensions under the terms of this chapter shall be located only in public rights-of-way or in easements acceptable to the city. Pumping stations, force mains and related appurtenances shall be constructed only in public rights-of-way or on municipally-owned properties. However, the city may require a commercial developer to locate a pumping station on private property and require a maintenance agreement signed by the owner of the property prior to connection. Actual interconnection of a new extension with the existing municipal utility shall be prohibited by omitting a connection section or by placing a temporary bulkhead in the connecting lines until the new extension has been fully inspected and all other conditions for extension of the service have received the approval of the city.

    (c) Installation standards. In the building and installation of all sewers and connections to sewers, water lines and connections to water lines, or any other addition to the utility system, all work and materials shall be in accordance with the city's requirements and standards as stated in City of Lake Wales Utility Standards and Specifications and Chapter 7, Buildings and Building Regulations, Lake Wales Code of Ordinances. All work and materials shall be subject to the inspection and approval of the director of utilities or his designated agent.

    (d) Approval and permits from other governmental agencies. The applicant and/or his engineer shall receive approval from the state department of transportation and/or the county for the use of any public road right-of-way. Also, the applicant must secure any approvals from the state department of environmental protection, the department of health and rehabilitative services and any successor or additional regulatory agency of the state or federal government.

    (e) Ownership. The ownership of any extension and related appurtenances to any municipal utility system installed within the public right-of-way or easement and connected to the existing municipal utility system in accordance with this chapter shall at all times remain with the city upon completion and acceptance of such utility extension. An agreement shall be executed between the city and the applicant to include the provisions of this chapter before authorization can be given for the extension of any municipal utility funded at private expense.

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