§ 21-3. Extension of services—Outside the city limits.  

Effective on Wednesday, September 7, 2022
  • (a) Applications shall be accepted for utility service to a property outside the city limits so long as:

    (1) The property lies within the "Chapter 180 Utility Service Area — State Road 60 W Corridor"; or

    (2) The state department of environmental protection has requested that the city provide service to the property to address an environmental quality issue; or

    (3) An agreement to serve the property was executed by the city and the property owner.

    (b) With each application for utility service outside the city limits, an executed annexation agreement must be provided which shall be recorded in the official records of the county if said application for service is accepted. If the property is contiguous to the city limits or is otherwise eligible for annexation, the city shall annex the property within three (3) months of the provision of service.

    (c) Service charges, if any, for outside-city users shall be one hundred twenty-five (125) percent of the applicable charges and fees for inside-city users.


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