§ 21-172. Miscellaneous charges for water system services.  

Effective on Tuesday, November 17, 2015
  • (a) Fire hydrants. (Payable quarterly) per year per hydrant .....$35.00

    (b) Meter installation and service charge: The charge for installing a water meter shall be the cost of materials and labor as established by the city.

    (c) Construction meter fee. For all construction or other temporary water service installation, the deposit shall be fifteen hundred dollars ($1500.00). All construction meters or other temporary water service installation will be billed a flat fee of two dollars and forty-seven cents ($2.47) per day for use of the meter.

    (d) "Read and time" service charge. A service charge of twenty-eight dollars and ninety-nine cents ($28.99) will be required on all accounts requesting a re-read and timing for leaks unless the results of the "read and time" examination indicate that the city is the party responsible for correcting the problem. If the city is the responsible party, no service charge shall be incurred by the customer, and the problem shall be corrected by the city.

    (e) Wholesale rate. A wholesale rate of one dollar and thirty-nine cents ($1.39) per one thousand (1,000) gallons shall be charged for the use of water by facilities owned, operated or maintained by the city for public purposes and for the bulk sale of water to the utilities department of a governmental agency.

    (f) Temporary service. Temporary service may be provided for the purpose of cleaning a vacant building. The owner or agent for the owner may obtain temporary service after payment of a temporary service fee equal to the current minimum charge for water and sewer service. Charges for consumption in excess of five thousand (5,000) gallons shall be billed to the owner or agent for the owner who has requested temporary service.

    (g) Service availability analysis. All customers seeking to make a new connection to the water system of the city shall be charged an amount sufficient to cover the cost of analyzing availability of service, which fee shall be applicable to inside-city customers as follows:

    (1) A water service line location fee of twenty-eight dollars and ninety-nine cents ($28.99) will be charged to locate a water service.

    (2) When a water service line is not readily available on an existing water main, an appropriate installation fee shall be presented to the customer; the fee shall be based on the actual cost of materials, labor and equipment as shall be established from time to time by the director of utilities and approved by the city manager. The cost of the water service line location shall be deducted from the cost of the water service installation.

    (3) Water service line location fees as stated in subsection (1) shall be charged for all applicable outside city users at the rate of one hundred fifty (150) percent of the charges stated.

    (4) The water service line location and installation fees represent the service cost for connecting to the system only and shall be in addition to the established monthly charge for service and the water impact fee. Payment of water service line location and installation fees shall be made prior to connection to the water system.

    (h) Backflow preventer device inspection. All commercial meters and irrigation meters shall pay two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) per month for annual inspection and other costs associated with administration of the city's cross connection control and backflow prevention program as required by the state department of environmental protection.

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Formerly § 21-132