§ 2-230.08. Cell phones.  

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  • When it is deemed that a city employee has a need for a cell phone to effectively perform his job requirements, the following policy shall apply:

    (1) A requisition for the cell phone shall be submitted along with written authorization from the department head explaining the reason for the need for the employee to have a cell phone. Cell phone vendors must be approved in advance by the city manager, or his designee. The cell phone shall remain the property of the city and will remain so until it is declared surplus and disposed of in a manner acceptable to the city. All bills for the use of the cell phone shall be sent to the city. The employee shall reimburse the city for all personal calls transacted by the use of the cell phone. Reimbursement shall be by cash or by submittal of a check or money order made out to the city.

    (2) If an employee is using his personal cell phone for city business calls, he shall be responsible for full payment of the bill and may submit requests for reimbursement for city business calls to the finance department using the proper form. Written authorization from the department head for reimbursement along with a copy of the bill highlighting such calls must be submitted. Reimbursement will be given in the employee's name only, not to the cell phone service provider. The rates established for the cell-phone service shall remain between the employee and the service provider. Most cell phone service providers offer governmental employee rates.

    (3) Should a dispute arise involving any of the above procedures, the decision of the city manager shall be considered final and binding.

(Ord. No. 2001-08, § 1, 6-19-01)