§ 2-217.11. Funeral leave.  

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  • (a) Approved funeral leave in the event of the death of a member of the employee's immediate family (as defined in section 2-217.08(a)(3)) will be granted as provided below:

    (1) Up to three (3) working days and up to five (5) working days for funerals that take place out of the state.

    (2) The minimum leave under this section shall be four (4) hours. Approved funeral leave will be charged against the employee's sick leave balance.

    (b) The employee may be required to provide the department head with proof of death in the immediate family, as defined, before compensation is approved.

    (c) If, in the opinion of the department head, additional days off are necessary to attend the funeral of a member of the immediate family, accrued vacation leave may be used or the employee may be given additional time off without pay.

    (d) If the employee wishes to attend the funeral of someone outside his immediate family, the employee may be allowed time off without pay but only if the department head determines the absence will not affect operations. If approved, the employee may charge it against accumulated but unused vacation pay in full one (1) hour increments.

(Ord. No. 2001-08, § 1, 6-19-01)