§ 2-217.07. Return from sick leave.  

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  • (a) At the option of the city, the employee may be required to supply a medical release from a doctor acceptable to the city to return to work from sick or disability leave whether the leave was with or without pay.

    (b) An employee who is released from sick leave and who wishes to return to work shall notify the city. If the leave was less than thirty (30) days beyond pay status, the employee shall be placed in the job he held before the leave and there shall be no adjustment of his anniversary date or city or classification seniority date.

    (c) Subject to applicable law FMLA, if the leave was longer than thirty (30) days beyond pay status, the employee will be given his job or a substantially equivalent job that is vacant if he is qualified to perform all the essential requirements of the vacant job. If the absence was due to a legally recognized disability, reasonable accommodation that will not cause undue hardship to the city will be offered. Adjustments of his anniversary date, city, departmental and classification seniority dates shall be as provided for other unpaid leaves under section 2-221.

    (d) The department head may make exceptions to the above for operational reasons upon the request of the employee.

(Ord. No. 2001-08, § 1, 6-19-01)