§ 2-217.06. Extended unpaid medical leaves.  

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  • (a) When paid sick leave and accrued vacation leave are exhausted for absence due to sickness, disability or injury, the employee may be given extended sick leave without pay for up to six (6) months. However, no benefits such as holiday, vacation, funeral leave and paid sick leave will accrue during such unpaid leaves.

    (b) The city retains the right to require the employee to submit to another medical examination at the city's expense to verify the employee's inability to work.

    (c) The employee shall be required to return to work the work day after the last day of the leave granted, unless prior to that time the employee has obtained permission from the city manager to extend the medical leave or has applied for and been granted additional time off as allowed by these rules.

    (d) The employee may continue his group medical coverage during such absence provided the employee pays the full premium by the time each month and in the manner required by HR. For continuation of insurance during FMLA leave, see section 2-219.07

(Ord. No. 2001-08, § 1, 6-19-01)