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February 18, 2014 - Regular Meeting

Location: City Administration Building Commission Chambers
Commissioners Present: Michael S. Carter; Betty Wojcik; Christopher Lutton; Jonathan Thornhill; Eugene Fultz, Mayor
City Representatives Present: Kenneth Fields, City Manager; Clara VanBlargan, City Clerk; Jennifer Nanek, Deputy City Clerk; Albert C. Galloway, Jr., City Attorney
Details: Agenda Minutes Resolution 2014-02 Resolution 2014-03

Supplemental Documents

Date 02/18/2014
Documents 140218_06
Subject Depot Advisory Commission – Annual Report by Chairman Mimi Reid Hardman (15-20 minutes)
Date 02/18/2014
Documents 140218_07
Subject APPROVAL OF MINUTES: February 4, Regular Meeting
Date 02/18/2014
Documents 140218_08
Subject American Legion Post 71 Special Event Permit Application - Request to close city lot for Carnival
Date 02/18/2014
Documents 140218_09
Subject Vendor Selection for Payroll Services and Human Resources Management System
Date 02/18/2014
Documents 140218_10
Subject Sewer Infrastructure Pipe Lining Repair Services
Date 02/18/2014
Documents 140218_11
Subject Preliminary Financial Statements for January 31, 2014
Date 02/18/2014
Documents 140218_12
Subject Ordinance 2014-01, FY-2013’2014 Budget Amendment #1 – 1st Reading
Date 02/18/2014
Documents 140218_13
Subject Ordinance 2014-02, Amendment to Ethics Ordinance City Code Section 1-23(b) – 1st Reading
Date 02/18/2014
Documents 140218_14
Subject Resolution 2014-02, Authorizing the Second Phase of Eminent Domain Proceedings to acquire certaininterests in real property in the C Street Lift Station 16 area
Date 02/18/2014
Documents 140218_15
Subject Resolution 2014-03, City Issuance of Industrial Development Revenue Bonds for the Edward W. BokAcademy Project) – Public Hearing
Date 02/18/2014
Documents 140218_16
Subject City Commission Tracking Report
Date 02/18/2014
Documents 140218_17
Subject City Commission Meeting Calendar
Date 02/18/2014
Documents 140218_18
Subject Annual Reporting – Boards, Commissions and Committees