§ 8-69. Ballot language.  

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  • (a) The city commission shall in the resolution calling the election pursuant to section 8-67 provide the language to appear on the ballot.

    (b) Except for those issues for which state law prescribes the language to appear on the ballot, the ballot language shall consist of a title and the substance of the issue stated in the form of a question in clear and unambiguous language followed by the words "yes" and "no," and styled in such a manner that a "yes" vote will indicate approval of the proposal and a "no" vote will indicate a rejection.

    (1) If state law prescribes the specific language to appear on the ballot, the ballot language shall be in substantially the form as provided in the applicable state law.

    (2) If a special act of the legislature relating to the city requires the approval of the electors of the city to be effective, the ballot language shall be as set forth in the special act. However, should the act not prescribe the ballot language, the city attorney shall prepare the language consisting of a brief summation of the act not exceeding seventy-five (75) words in question form and providing for a "yes" vote indicating approval of the act and a "no" vote indicating disapproval or rejection of the act.

    (c) Whenever possible, the ballot title shall consist of a caption not exceeding fifteen (15) words by which the measure is commonly referred.

    (d) Whenever possible, the substance of the issue shall be an explanatory statement of the primary purpose of the issue in the form of a question not exceeding seventy-five (75) words.

    (e) If more than one (1) issue is to appear on the same ballot, a consecutive designating number shall be assigned by the city clerk to each issue in the order of filing of the appropriate petition or other document required for placement on the ballot or in the order of approval by the city commission of the resolution calling the election. Referenda on special acts shall be separately designated.

    (f) No later than thirty (30) days prior to the issue election, the city clerk shall transmit to the supervisor of elections a certified copy of any resolution calling an issue election together with the designating number, if applicable, the ballot title, and substance of the issue.

(Ord. No. 2003-15, § 1, 6-3-03)