§ 3-32. Airport licensees.  

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  • The city may allow a person or persons to operate a business upon airport property leased from the city or from a fixed base operator, even if such business is not described in categories A through G of section 3-28. Persons under this circumstance shall be known as airport licensees and shall be subject to the following procedures:

    (1) Any prospective airport licensee must submit to the city a written application for an a local business tax receipt. This application shall contain the following:

    a. A specific description of the area in which the applicant intends to operate his business;

    b. A detailed description of the type business the applicant intends to operate.

    (2) In no event shall an airport licensee engage in any of the activities of a fixed base operator.

    (3) The airport licensee shall comply with all rules and regulations on maintenance, appearance, traffic control and motor vehicle parking as promulgated by the city.

    (4) The airport licensee shall pay an annual business tax as required by section 19-130

    (5) No license to do business on airport property may be transferred except in accordance with provisions of chapter 14

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