§ 2-802. Grant application.  

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  • (a) All grant applications shall be forwarded to the finance director for analysis of present and future impact on the city's financial resources. Within ten (10) working days of receiving a grant application for analysis, a statement certifying fiscal impact shall be forwarded with the grant application to the city manager for review. It shall be the responsibility of the person preparing the grant application to pay close attention to application deadlines and allow sufficient time for fiscal impact analysis by the finance director and approval by the city manager or city commission, as applicable.

    (b) All grant applications representing a cost to the city whether through requirement of a local contribution, either in-kind or monetary, or through a restrictive covenant or other stipulation that binds the city to future expenditures of any amount for maintenance, personnel or any other costs shall be presented to the city commission for approval. The fiscal impact statement prepared by the finance director shall be presented to the city commission with the application at the next regularly scheduled meeting following completion of the fiscal impact analysis. The city commission may authorize the city manager to execute the grant application documents or may elect not to submit the application.

    (c) Unless the granting agency specifically requires city commission approval of a grant application, the city manager is hereby authorized to execute application documents for grants that are certified by the finance director as representing no present or future cost to the city through local contribution requirement, restrictive covenant or other stipulation. The city manager is the sole agent of the city so authorized. The city manager, however, may elect to require city commission approval of any grant application.

    (d) When a granting agency requires that a public hearing be held prior to submitting an application, said public hearing shall be held before the grant application is presented to the city commission for approval and the minutes showing public comments shall be presented to the city commission with the grant application.

    (e) After execution of the grant application document by the city manager and prior to its submittal to the granting agency, the city clerk shall certify a true copy of the entire document. Said certified copy shall be filed by the city clerk with the official records of the city.

(Ord. No. 2004-10, § 1, 5-18-04)