§ 2-631. Graves and vaults.  

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  • (a) No burial above ground shall be permitted.

    (b) Only one (1) interment shall be made in a grave, except for the following:

    (1) A parent and an infant;

    (2) Two (2) children in one (1) coffin; or

    (3) One (1) casketed remains and up to two (2) urns bearing cremated remains.

    (c) Pre-cast concrete, natural stone, or steel vaults or grave liners shall be used in every uncremated interment except the interment of newborn infants. Such vaults shall be of sufficient construction and weight as to prevent retention of water and cave-in of the grave space.

    (d) A permanent identification tag shall be affixed securely to the foot end of every vault and every casket used in an interment after November 19, 1996. The tag shall bear the name of the deceased and the date of the interment written or inscribed in a legible and indelible manner and shall be made of metal, plastic or other non-biodegradable material. The cemetery manager shall prepare the tags and provide them to the funeral director with the interment authorization specified in section 2-629. It shall be the responsibility of the funeral director to ensure that said tags are affixed, and the city shall not be liable for the failure of the funeral director to comply with this section.

(Ord. No. 2009-32, § 1, 12-15-09; Ord. No. 2010-21, § 1, 10-5-2010)