§ 23-344. Automotive uses.  

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  • Automotive uses are those uses listed under "automotive uses" in Article VIII or any establishment involved in the sale, storage, or repair of motor vehicles. All automotive uses shall conform to all applicable provisions of this chapter, and, in addition, the following requirements shall apply:

    a. Lifts and all other apparati used in the repair or servicing of vehicles shall be located within buildings or areas screened from view of adjoining properties, public streets, and parks, except for gasoline and air pumps.

    b. Motor vehicles incapable of being moved under their own power at any time will be stored, serviced or repaired within buildings designated for such purposes or within areas designated on a site plan approved pursuant to section 23-222. Such areas shall be screened from view from adjoining properties, public streets, and parks. Work on vehicles outside of buildings or screened areas shall be limited to minor and incidental repairs of short duration.

    c. All automotive uses engaged in the sale of vehicles, whether as a principal or accessory use shall have a sales office located within a building on the premises.

    d. All areas used for the parking, storage, or repair of vehicles shall be surfaced in a stable manner.

    e. Water from the washing of vehicles shall be discharged only in accordance with a valid state permit for the establishment or approval by the city's utilities director, as applicable. Exempt from this requirement are special events for the washing or cleaning of vehicles held by school or religious groups, non-profit clubs, or civic organizations, provided that the administrative official is notified in advance of such an event and provided the events are limited to two (2) days' duration and are held not more than four (4) times in a calendar year by any one organization or on any site.

(Ord. No. 2007-02, § 7, 3-6-07)