§ 23-220. Annexation.  

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  • Annexation is the incorporation of land into an existing community with a resulting change in the boundary of that community. The annexation process requires the adoption of an ordinance in accordance with the provisions of F.S. ch. 171.

    Sec. 23-220.1 Involuntary annexation. Annexation may be initiated by the City of Lake Wales in accordance with the provisions of F.S. §§ 171.0413—171.043.

    Sec. 23-220.2 Voluntary annexation. The owner or owners of real property in an unincorporated area of the county may petition the city commission for the property to be annexed into the municipal limits through provisions set forth in F.S. ch. 171, for voluntary annexation.

    a. Application. Application for annexation shall be made on forms supplied by the administrative official and accompanied by the following:

    1. Application for annexation and future land use and zoning map amendment;

    2. Complete legal description of the applicant property;

    3. Application fee and reimbursement of the cost of public notice as set forth in section 23-242

    4. Other information as may be required by the administrative official.

    b. Review and action.

    1. Administrative official. The administrative official shall forward a report to the city commission stating the fiscal impact of the annexation and its anticipated effect on existing levels of service for public facilities.

    2. City commission. The city commission shall hold a public hearing on the proposed annexation, and if the city commission decides to annex, the annexation shall be approved by the adoption of an ordinance meeting the requirements of F.S. § 171.044.

    c. Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map Amendments. If the city commission annexes the applicant property, the process shall be initiated to incorporate the property into the future land use element and to designate the property on the future land use map using the procedures in section 23-219. The process shall also be initiated to assign a zoning designation of the property using the procedures in section 23-218. If the area annexed was subject to a county land use plan and county zoning regulations, these designations and regulations shall remain in full force and effect until the city adopts a comprehensive plan amendment that includes the annexed area. It is the desire of the city that amendments of its comprehensive plan and zoning map occur promptly following annexation, but in no case shall these amendments occur later than twelve (12) months following annexation.

    Sec. 23-220.3 Amendment of boundary, future land use and zoning maps. Upon passage of annexation, comprehensive plan amendment, and zoning map amendment ordinances, the administrative official shall amend official maps of the city designating the municipal boundary and designating the future land use and zoning classifications assigned to the annexed property.

    Sec. 23-220.4 Recording of annexation. The city clerk shall file the adopted annexation ordinance with the department of state, the county property appraiser and other agencies as required by F.S. ch. 171.