§ 23-212. Verification of zoning compliance.  

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  • Sec. 212.1 Applicability. Compliance with zoning district requirements and other provisions of this chapter must be verified by the administrative official prior to:

    a. The processing of any application for a building permit for the construction or alteration of any structure, including temporary structures and accessory structures such as sheds, swimming pools, signs (unless specifically exempted in article V), fences and parking areas, except for recurring maintenance, regardless of cost. Verification of zoning compliance under this section is required for applications for single-family or two-family houses and other developments exempt from the site plan requirements of section 23-222

    b. Approval of applications for alcoholic beverage licenses.

    c. A written zoning determination.

    Sec. 212.2 Application and review.

    a. Application for a building permit for the construction or alteration of any structure, including accessory structures and signs, shall be accompanied by a survey of the property showing the location and dimensions of the structure and other improvements on the site. For new buildings and additions, the survey shall show the proposed finished floor elevation and a statement of proposed uses of the property. A fee for zoning verification shall be required as set forth in section 23-242. The administrative official shall verify compliance with all provisions of this chapter and any conditions of approval applicable to the property.

    Zoning compliance shall be determined within ten (10) business days of the receipt of a complete application. Application for a sign in the downtown historic district must include a certificate of appropriateness (see section 23-227). In the case of a finding of non-compliance, the administrative official shall provide the applicant with a written statement of the reasons for the finding of non-compliance with specific reference to the provisions of these land development regulations.

    For improvements requiring a building permit, verification of zoning compliance shall be determined prior to the processing of the building permit.

    b. The zoning compliance forms of an application for an alcoholic beverage license shall be signed by the administrative official only after verification of zoning compliance and receipt of the application fee as set forth in section 23-242

    c. A request for written zoning determination must be submitted in writing to the administrative official and must be accompanied by the fee for a written zoning determination as set forth in section 23-242. The request shall include a valid address and/or the property identification number from the county property appraiser and shall clearly state the information requested.

(Ord. No. 2013-05, § 1, 6-18-13)