§ 1-15. General penalty; continuing violations.  

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  • Whenever in this Code or in any ordinance of the city any act is prohibited, made or declared to be unlawful or an offense, or whenever in such Code or ordinance the doing of any act is required or the failure to do any act is declared to be unlawful, or where the doing or not doing of any act is defined as a misdemeanor, where no specific penalty is provided therefor, the violation of any such provision of the Code or any ordinance shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00) or imprisonment for a term not exceeding sixty (60) days or by both such fine and imprisonment. Each day any violation of any provision of this Code or of any ordinance shall continue shall constitute a separate offense.

(Code 1962, § 1-8)

Cross reference

Parking fines for violation of handicapped parking regulations, § 20-4; parking fines for violation of certain parking regulations, § 20-5; parking fines for violation of parkway parking prohibitions, § 20-7.