§ 16-49. Beneficiaries.  

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  • (a) Beneficiary designation. Any member may from time to time designate, in writing, or change such designation of, any person or persons, contingently or successively, to whom the board of trustees shall pay the remainder of his accrued benefit on event of his death where the member elected a form of distribution which provides for payments over a certain period of time other than for life. A married member's beneficiary designation shall not be valid unless the member's spouse consents to the beneficiary designation. A married member's beneficiary designation does not require spousal consent if the member's spouse a the designated beneficiary. The board of trustees shall prescribe the form for the written designation of beneficiary and, upon the member's filing the form with the board of trustees, it effectively shall revoke all designations filed prior to that date by the same member.

    (b) No beneficiary designation. If a member fails to name a beneficiary in accordance with paragraph (a), above, or if the beneficiary named by a member predeceases him or dies before complete distribution of the member's benefit, then the board of trustees shall pay the member's remaining benefit, if any, in the following order of priority to:

    (1) The member's surviving spouse;

    (2) The personal representative of the member's estate.

(Ord. No. 99-02, § 2, 5-4-99)