§ 10.5-10. Adoption of final assessment resolution.  

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  • At the day and time named in such notice, or to which an adjournment or continuance may be taken by the city commission, the city commission shall receive any oral or written objections of interested persons and may then, or at any subsequent meeting of the city commission adopt the final assessment resolution which shall:

    (1) Confirm, modify, or repeal the initial assessment resolution with such amendments, if any, as may be deemed appropriate by the city commission;

    (2) Establish the rate of assessment to be imposed in the upcoming fiscal year;

    (3) Establish a maximum assessment rate that may be imposed in the event such rate was adopted;

    (4) Approve the initial Assessment Roll, with such amendments as it deems just and right; and

    (5) Determine the method of collection.

    The adoption of the final assessment resolution by the city commission shall constitute a legislative determination that all parcels assessed derive a special benefit from the fire protection services, facilities, or programs to be provided or constructed and a legislative determination that the fire protection assessments are fairly and reasonably apportioned among the properties that receive the special benefit. All written objections to the final assessment resolution shall be filed with the city manager at or before the time or adjourned time of such hearing. The final assessment resolution shall constitute the annual rate resolution for the initial fiscal year in which fire protection assessments are imposed or reimposed hereunder.

(Ord. No. 2008-26, § 1, 8-4-08)