Article IV. Electronic Game Centers  

§ 14-96. Defined.
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Any business which offers for public use in one (1) location more than ten (10) devices shall be considered an electronic game recreation center.

(Code 1962, § 19-36(a); Ord. No. 88-16, § 3(19-36(a)), 9-6-88)

§ 14-97. Application and approval procedure.
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(a) Any person desiring to operate an electronic game recreation center must file a written application for a business tax receipt with the city commission. This application must set forth the location of the business, the hours of operation and any rules of conduct the proprietor expects to post and enforce in his place of business.

(b) In ruling upon the application for business tax receipt, the city commission shall consider a background check of the applicant conducted by the police department, the proposed location and nature of the surrounding neighborhood, the proposed hours of operation, the number of games that will be located in the business and the rules of conduct the proprietor expects to post on the premises and enforce.

(c) In approving an application for business tax receipt of an electronic game recreation center, the city commission, in its discretion, may attach to the approval certain conditions concerning the hours of operation, number of machines and the rules of conduct to be posted on the premises and enforced by the proprietor.

(d) If the city commission approves an application while attaching certain conditions and the applicant violates or otherwise dishonors the conditions, such violation shall constitute grounds for code enforcement action.

(e) The for an electronic game recreational center shall be computed in accordance with the amusement center tax contained in section 19-130

(Code 1962, § 19-36; Ord. No. 2006-47, § 3, 12-5-06)