§ 8.10. Commission districts; adjustment of districts.

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  • (a) There shall be four geographical city commission districts containing population that is as equal as feasible.

    (b) Districting Commission. Within one year from the release of each decennial census, commencing with the 1980 census, the commission shall appoint a districting commission composed of not less than three nor more than five qualified voters, determined from the registration for the last statewide general election. The voters chosen shall not be employed by the city in any capacity.

    (c) Report; Specifications. Within six months after its appointment the districting commission shall file with the city clerk a report containing a recommended plan for adjustment of either the allocation of commission seats within each commission district or adjustment of the commission district boundaries to comply with the following specifications:

    (1) Each district shall be formed of compact, contiguous property, as nearly rectangular as possible, and its boundary lines shall follow the center lines of the streets.

    (2) Each commission seat assigned to the commission districts shall represent as nearly as possible the same number of citizens as determined from population data derived from the last decennial census. The area represented by each commission seat does not differ in population by more than ten percent.

    (d) Procedure. The procedure for the commission's consideration of the report shall be the same as for other ordinances. The commission shall adopt the ordinance at least ninety days before the next regular municipal election.

    (e) Effect of Enactment. The new commission districts, boundaries, and seat assignments as of the date of enactment, shall supersede previous commission districts, boundaries and seat assignments for all the purposes of the next regular municipal election, including nominations.

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