§ 8.01. City elections.  

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  • (a) Date of elections. The date of all city elections shall be established in accordance with Chapter 8, Lake Wales Code of Ordinances ("Lake Wales Municipal Election Code").

    (b) Qualified voters. All citizens qualified by the Constitution and the laws of the State of Florida to vote in the city and who satisfy the requirements for registration prescribed by law shall be qualified voters of the city within the meaning of this charter.

    (c) Conduct of elections. Except as otherwise provided by this charter, the provisions of the general election laws of the State of Florida shall apply to elections held under this charter. All elections provided for by the charter shall be conducted by the election authorities established by law. For the conduct of municipal elections, for the prevention of fraud in such elections, and for the recount of ballots in cases of doubt or fraud, the commission may adopt by ordinance all regulations which it considers desirable, consistent with law and this charter, and the election authorities may adopt, and if they adopt shall publicize, further regulations consistent with law and this charter and the regulations of the commission.

(Ord. No. 86-15, § 1, 9-16-86; Ord. No. 2011-01, § 1, 2-1-11)