§ 8-8. Campaign financing laws of the state—Applicability.  

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  • (a) Any candidate for elective city office, including an elected officer sought to be recalled, is subject to, and shall comply with the campaign financing laws provided in F.S. ch. 106.

    (b) Any group, club, association, or other combination of persons having a collective capacity which receives contributions or makes expenditures in an aggregate amount exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00) and which seeks to influence the results of a city election shall constitute a political committee within the definition of F.S. ch. 106, and shall register and report as such pursuant to, and be subject to, the provisions of that chapter.

    (c) Any individual making independent expenditures in an aggregate amount exceeding one hundred dollars ($100.00) and seeking to influence the results of a city election shall be subject to, and comply with, F.S. ch. 106.

    (d) The city commission may appropriate funds for the purpose of providing informational materials to the public in connection with any issue election, except for a recall election. The city commission shall not be considered a political committee as defined in F.S. § 106.011(1), and shall not be required to file reports of any such informational expenditures pursuant to F.S. § 106.07.

    (e) The city clerk shall provide each candidate with a schedule indicating the beginning and the end of the reporting periods as well as the corresponding designated due dates. Each required financial report shall be filed with the city clerk without additional notice to the candidate or committee by the city clerk that such report is due. Pursuant to F.S. § 106.07, the city clerk shall assess fines for late filing and report to the Florida Elections Commission the failure of a candidate or committee to comply with campaign finance reporting requirements.

    (f) Provisions of F.S. ch. 106, shall be enforced in the manner provided in F.S. §§ 106.25 through 106.28. Any suspected or alleged violations of F.S. ch. 106, in connection with any issue election, shall be transmitted to the state division of elections by the city clerk.

(Ord. No. 2003-15, § 1, 6-3-03)