§ 8-30. Voting system audit.

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  • (a) In accordance with F.S. § 101.591, immediately following the certification of each election, the city canvassing board at a publically advertised meeting shall conduct a manual audit of the voting systems used in randomly selected precincts.

    (b) The audit shall consist of a public manual tally of the votes cast in one (1) randomly selected race by the canvassing board that appears on the ballot.

    (c) The audit must be completed and the results made public no later than 11:59 on the seventh day following certification of the election by the county by the canvassing board.

    (d) The canvassing board shall post a notice of the audit, including the date, time, and place, in four (4) conspicuous places in the county and on the home page of the city's website.

    (e) Within fifteen (15) days after completion of the audit, the canvassing board shall provide a report with the results of the audit to the department of state in a standard format as prescribed by the department which shall contain the information in accordance with this chapter.

(Ord. No. 2013-01, § 1, 2-5-13)