§ 8-23. Poll workers.  

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  • (a) At each polling place there shall be a sufficient number of poll workers to accommodate the anticipated number of voters. The supervisor of elections and city clerk shall determine the necessary number and report it, together with the names of the poll workers, to the city commission prior to the date of the election. The city commission shall appoint the poll workers for any city election.

    (b) All poll workers for a city election shall have completed training classes conducted by the supervisor of elections.

    (c) One poll worker in each precinct shall be designated the precinct clerk and shall be in charge of, and responsible for, the conduct of the election at that polling place.

    (d) Poll workers shall conduct the election and at the close of the polls ascertain the results for that precinct in the manner provided in F.S. chs. 101 and 102, and report the results in the manner directed by the supervisor of elections or the city clerk, as applicable.

    (e) Poll workers for a city election shall be compensated for hours worked by the city clerk. The rate of compensation shall be the same as that paid by the supervisor of elections for work performed in conducting the last state election.

(Ord. No. 2003-15, § 1, 6-3-03)