§ 7-48. Electrical inspector, duties and powers.  

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  • (a) Electrical inspector defined. The building official or his designee shall be the electrical inspector in the city. Whenever the word "inspector" appears in this electrical code, it shall be understood to refer to the building official or his designee.

    (b) Permits, inspections and general supervision. It shall be the duty of the city electrical inspector to issue permits for and inspect all electrical wiring, apparatus or equipment for light, heat or power inside of or attached to buildings in the city limits, and to look after the enforcement of laws, rules and regulations relating to same, and to exercise a general supervision over all electrical construction, and over all electricians licensed to carry on their business or trade under the provisions of this electrical code.

    (c) Placing of electric poles and appliances. The electrical inspector is hereby empowered and directed to regulate and determine within and in accordance with the provisions of this electrical code the placing of electric poles, wires or other appliances for electric light, heat or power in the city, and to cause all such poles, wires or appliances to be so placed, constructed and guarded so as not to cause fires or accidents, endangering life or property. It shall be the duty of the electrical inspector to so direct the placing of poles and wires in the streets, alleys and public places of the city that the same shall cause as little obstruction as possible, either to the public travel on such thoroughfares or to the private use and enjoyment of adjacent property. It shall also be his duty to compel the removal of unsafe and superfluous poles.

    (d) Records. The electrical inspector shall keep a complete daily record of permits and licenses issued and other official work performed as required by this electrical code.

(Code 1962, § 8-22; Ord. No. 90-12, § 1, 7-17-90)