§ 7-28. Building department authorized to furnish information and forms for filing notices of commencement.  

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  • (a) When an owner of real property upon which improvements are to be made applies (either in person or by an agent) for a building permit, the authority issuing such permit shall furnish to the applicant two (2) or more copies of a form of notice of commencement conforming with the provisions of F.S. § 713.135, together with a concise printed statement explaining the provisions of the Florida Mechanics' Lien Law, F.S. ch. 713 relating to the recording and to the posting of copies of notices of commencement and encouraging the owner to record a notice of commencement and post a copy thereof in accordance with the provisions of F.S. § 713.135.

    (b) No forms or statements need be furnished to applicants for permits in those cases where the owner of a legal or equitable interest (including that of ownership of stock of a corporate landowner) of the real property to be improved is engaged in the business of construction of buildings for sale to others and intends to make the improvements authorized by the permit on the real property and upon completion will offer the improved real property for sale.

(Code 1962, § 8-3.1)

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Similar provisions, F.S. § 713.135(d).