§ 6-10. Removal of animal waste required in public areas required; penalties.  

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  • Any person owning or having control of an animal in a public place shall immediately remove any animal waste deposited by the animal.

    Animal waste shall be disposed of by burial on the property of the owner or in a sanitary sewer system.

    A code or law enforcement officer is authorized to issue a citation to a person when, based upon personal investigation, the officer has reasonable cause to believe that the person has committed a civil infraction in violation of this section. The person shall pay within thirty (30) days from the date a citation was issued a civil penalty of fifty dollars ($50.00) to the police department in full satisfaction of the violation. If the person chooses to contest the citation, he or she must contact the clerk of the county court within the thirty (30) days and request a court hearing.

(Ord. No. 2007-28, § 1, 8-21-07)