§ 23-779. Library impact fees.  

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  • a. Findings applicable to library impact fees. In addition to the findings contained in section 23-762, the commission hereby specifically ascertains, determines and declares as follows:

    1. The library facilities of the city are designed and intended to provide for the library needs of its residents.

    2. The providing of city library facilities is the exclusive responsibility of the city imposed pursuant to Florida Statutes.

    3. The improvements and additions to the library facilities of the city funded by the library impact fee provides a benefit to all property in excess of the impact fee. The commission expressly approves of the level of service for library services as established in the Impact Fee Study.

    4. The existing library facility which has been funded by revenues other than impact fees has eliminated the deficiency between the existing library facility and the adopted standard of service.

    b. Imposition of library impact fee. All library impact construction occurring within the city, shall pay the impact fees as established within Schedule "B", which is attached hereto and incorporated by reference.

    c. Establishment of library impact fee trust account. The commission hereby establishes a separate trust account for the library impact fee, to be designated as the "Library Impact Fee Trust Account," which shall be maintained separate and apart from all other accounts of the city. All such impact fees shall be deposited into such trust fund immediately upon receipt.

    d. Use of library impact fees. The monies deposited into the Library Impact Fee Trust Account shall be used solely for the purpose of constructing or improving the city's library facilities, including, but not limited to:

    1. Design and construction of library facilities;

    2. Permitting;

    3. Land acquisition, including any costs of acquisition or condemnation;

    4. Design and construction of new drainage facilities and relocating or extending of utilities required by the construction of library facilities;

    5. Landscaping;

    6. Construction management and inspection;

    7. Surveying, soils and material testing;

    8. Acquisition of collection materials necessary to provide library service;

    9. Repayment of monies transferred or borrowed from any budgetary fund of the city which were used to fund any of the construction, acquisition or improvements herein defined;

    10. Payment of principal to repay any bonds or other indebtedness issued by the city to provide funds to acquire land, construct library facilities or acquire collection materials subsequent to the adoption of this division.

    e. Restrictions on use of library impact fees. Funds on deposit in the Library Impact Fee Trust Account shall not be used for any expenditure that would be classified as an administrative, maintenance, repair, or other operating expense.

    f. Investment of library impact fees. Any funds on deposit which are not immediately necessary for expenditure may be invested by the city. All income derived from such investments shall be deposited in the Library Impact Fee Trust Account and used as provided herein.

(Ord. No. 2006-04, § 1, 2-21-06; Ord. No. 2012-03, § 5, 2-7-12)