§ 23-707. Determination of available capacity.  

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  • For purposes of the CMS, the available capacity of a facility will be determined by adding the cumulative total supply for each public facility component as cited in Step 1 and subtracting cumulative total demand for each component as cited in Step 2.

    Step 1: Add the indicators of available facility capacity:

    1. Capacity of existing facility. The total capacity of existing facilities operating at the required level of service; and

    2. Capacity of committed potable water, sewer, solid waste and drainage. The total capacity of committed new facilities, if any, that will become available on or before the date a certificate of occupancy is issued for the development.

    Step 2: Subtract the committed capacity:

    1. Existing demand based on existing development. The demand for services or facilities created by existing development as provided by the city.

    2. Demand to be generated by vested development, valid capacity reservations, and valid certificates of concurrency. The demand for the service or facility created by the anticipated completion of other vested and/or approved developments.

(Ord. No. 2005-27, § 1, 7-5-2005)