§ 23-611. SUBDIVISIONS  

Effective on Tuesday, October 18, 2016
  • a. Minimum requirements. Subdivision proposals, including proposals for manufactured home parks and subdivisions, shall be reviewed to determine that:

    (1)   Such proposals are consistent with the need to minimize flood damage and will be reasonably safe from flooding;

    (2)   All public utilities and facilities such as sewer, gas, electric, communications, and water systems are located and constructed to minimize or eliminate flood damage; and

    (3)   Adequate drainage is provided to reduce exposure to flood hazards; in Zones AH and AO, adequate drainage paths shall be provided to guide floodwaters around and away from proposed structures.

    b. Subdivision plats. Where any portion of proposed subdivisions, including manufactured home parks and subdivisions, lies within a flood hazard area, the following shall be required:

    (1)   Delineation of flood hazard areas, floodway boundaries and flood zones, and design flood elevations, as appropriate, shall be shown on preliminary plats;

    (2)   Where the subdivision has more than 50 lots or is larger than 5 acres and base flood elevations are not included on the FIRM, the base flood elevations determined in accordance with section 23-602(b)1; and

    (3)   Compliance with the site improvement and utilities requirements of section 23-612.

(Ord. No. 2016-19, § 2, 10-18-16)