§ 23-544. Satellite dishes or antennas.  

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  • Satellite dishes or antennas shall be subject to the following restrictions. The administrative official may waive any of the restrictions below in cases where it is determined that compliance with the restriction interferes with the receipt of signals.

    a. The dish of the satellite antenna shall be neutral in color and compatible with the appearance of the neighborhood.

    b. All roof-mounted satellite antennas shall be located on the rear one-third (1/3) of the structure.

    c. All ground-mounted satellite antennas shall be screened from view by a six-foot high wood or masonry fence or plants, to be eighty-one (81) percent opaque when viewed between two (2) and six (6) feet above grade.

    d. A satellite antenna to be located on property adjacent to single-family zoning or use shall require a special exception use permit unless the satellite antenna complies with the single-family residential requirements.

    e. No satellite antenna shall be used for a sign.