§ 23-523. Docks and piers.  

Effective on Tuesday, October 15, 2019
  • All docks and piers are subject to the dimensional requirements of this section.

    a. Docks and piers may be constructed beyond the shorelines of lakes provided the structure does not extend beyond the applicant’s property. Docks or piers may extend beyond the applicant’s property with written permission of the property owner of the effected property.

    b. All construction shall conform to the requirements of the Florida Building Code and City building regulations. Floating docks which are attached to shore are allowed and encouraged.

    c. Docks and piers that extend into public waters may be permitted by Special Exception Use Permit.

    All marine structures constructed for use by a single-family residential property owner shall conform to the following regulations:

    d. The maximum distance that a dock or pier may extend from the property line abutting any lake shall be 50 (fifty) feet.

    e. In no case shall structures in canals extend from the canal bank or bulkhead beyond the twenty-five (25) percent of the canal's average width along the property fronting the canal.

    f. Docks and piers shall maintain a minimum of a five-foot setback from the side lines of the property or the extension thereof into the water body.

    g. Docks and piers constructed in residential, dead-end canals may not be closer than twenty-five (25) feet from another such structure.

    h. The main access pier from the shore to the dock or platform area shall not exceed six (6) feet in width. Handrails shall be provided on at least one (1) side of any part of a dock or pier which is three (3) feet or less in width.

    i. All docks and piers shall be constructed so as to be visible to marine traffic in times of high water by being equipped with a device or structure which is clearly visible at least six (6) feet above the water's surface at all times (e.g., orange flag, reflectors). Such device or structure shall be installed at the lakeward end of the structure and elsewhere along the structure, spaced no further than twenty-five (25) feet apart.

    j. The surface area of all docks and piers may not exceed a total of five hundred (500) square feet which includes the main access pier and platforms. 

    k. The sides of any structure shall remain open except that see-through screening material shall be permitted. 

    l. No more than two (2) watercraft may be moored at any such structure.

    m. Living quarters and other non-water dependent structures are prohibited


(Ord. No. 2019-15, § 1, 10-15-2019)