§ 23-351. Newsracks/modular newsracks.  

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  • Any newsrack on private land is subject to the provisions of this section. Newsracks on public property shall comply with the provisions of chapter 18, sections 18-61 through 18-63.

    a. Placement of a newsrack on private property requires site plan approval in accordance with section 23-222 to ensure the safety of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

    b. No single newsrack shall exceed fifty-four (54) inches in height, thirty (30) inches in width or twenty-four (24) inches in depth.

    c. Newsracks may be clustered together and chained or otherwise attached to each other; however, no more than four (4) newsracks may be attached or chained together in a cluster. At least eighteen (18) inches must separate clusters.

    d. No newsracks shall be placed, installed, used or maintained within three (3) feet of any marked crosswalk, within fifteen (15) feet of the curb return of an unmarked crosswalk, within three (3) feet of any fire hydrant, within three (3) feet of any driveway, within three (3) feet of any display window of a building abutting a sidewalk, or at any location whereby the passageway of pedestrians is reduced to less than three (3) feet.

    e. Every newsrack shall be constructed, installed and maintained in a safe and secure condition.

    f. Each newsrack shall have fixed to it, in a readily visible place, the telephone number of a working telephone service to call to report a malfunction or the secure a refund in the event of a malfunction of the newsrack.