§ 23-304. General requirements for lots and yards.  

Effective on Wednesday, December 2, 2020
  • See article VIII for definitions of terms used in this section.

    a. Prohibitions.

    1. No building shall be erected on any lot unless such lot has the required frontage on a dedicated public road or a road shown on an approved and recorded final development plat. See also adequate access requirements in subsection 23-303.3(a).

    2. No lot, even though it may consist of one (1) or more adjacent lots of record, shall be reduced in area so that lot area, yards, width or other dimension and area regulations of these land development regulations are not maintained. This provision shall not apply when a portion of a lot is acquired for a public purpose.

    3. No building intended for residential purposes shall be occupied or constructed on land subject to periodic or frequent flooding, nor existing building enlarged, repaired or altered on land subject to periodic or frequent flooding.

    4. No part of a yard required for any building may be included as filling the yard requirements for an adjacent building.

    5. Accessory structures are permitted in yards as set forth in article VIII.

    6. No odor- or dust-producing substance or use shall be permitted within one hundred (100) feet of any property line if the adjoining property is being used for residential purposes.

    7. No products shall be publicly displayed or offered for sale from the roadside.

    b. Double frontage and corner lots.

    1. On corner lots, no obstruction shall be permitted to impede visibility between a height of two (2) feet and ten (10) feet above the grades of the intersecting streets within a visibility triangle of thirty (30) feet measured from the point of intersection of the travel lanes of two (2) streets, or a street and railroad.

    2. Double frontage and corner lots shall meet front yard regulations on all adjacent dedicated public streets. (See section 23-522 for waiver of front yard requirements on subdivision lots with frontage on an exterior and interior street.)

(Ord. No. 2020-30,, § 1, 12-02-20)