§ 23-225. Development of regional impact (DRI).  

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  • Applications for developments of regional impact or amendments to developments of regional impact, as defined by F.S. ch. 380, except for reviews of existing approved development orders that have not expired as of the effective date of this ordinance, shall adhere to the following procedures for review.

    a. The applicant for a Development of Regional Impact shall contact the city and Central Florida Regional Planning Council (CFRPC) and hold a pre-application conference with these agencies to establish issues to be addressed in the application as required by [F.S.] § 380.06(9).

    b. The application for development approval (ADA) shall be filed with the administrative official and all other agencies as required by CFRPC. The application shall fully detail the proposed development, all commitments by the applicant, and all issues established in the pre-application conference. The application shall be accompanied by the fee established by resolution of the city commission and included in the procedures manual maintained by the administrative official.

    c. Upon receipt of a notice of sufficiency from CFRPC, the city shall initiate public notice procedures as required by [F.S.] § 380.06(9).

    d. A public hearing by the planning board announced in accordance with section 23-241 shall be held and a recommendation made regarding the conditions of approval to be stipulated in a development order. Such recommendations shall be forwarded to the city commission in writing.

    e. The city commission shall hold a public hearing, and within thirty (30) days of that hearing, shall render a decision on the application unless an extension is requested by the developer.

    f. A notice of adoption of the development order shall be recorded by the developer with the clerk of the circuit court.