§ 23-204. Development review committee.  

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  • Sec. 23-204.1 Designated. When used in these land development regulations, the development review committee shall mean a committee consisting of the planning and development director, the building official, the public works director, the city engineer, the fire marshal, the police chief and other members of city staff as may be designated by the city manager.

    Sec. 23-204.2 Functions and duties. The development review committee shall be charged with the following duties:

    a. To review and make recommendations on conceptual and preliminary site plans for commercial and multi-family development projects and for any change of use or expansion of use;

    b. To review and make recommendations on planned development project plans;

    c. To review and make recommendations on subdivision plats and vacations of plats;

    d. To review and act upon applications for site development permits;

    e. To perform other duties as may be directed by the city manager.