§ 23-202. Administrative official.  

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  • Sec. 23-202.1 Designated. When used in these land development regulations, "administrative official" shall mean the planning and development director or designee. The director of public works, city engineer, building official, code enforcement official, city attorney and city clerk are empowered by certain sections of these regulations to administer specific provisions of these regulations.

    Sec. 23-202.2 Functions and duties. The administrative official shall be charged and provided with the authority to administer and enforce these land development regulations and is charged specifically with the following duties:

    a. To certify the accuracy of the official zoning map of the City of Lake Wales;

    b. To certify and cause to be made all amendments to the official zoning map;

    c. To interpret all provisions of these regulations and maintain a record of all such interpretations;

    d. To accept and process all applications which may be required for rezoning actions, variances, text amendments to these regulations, comprehensive plan amendments, sign permits, site plans, subdivision plats, and all other such applications;

    e. To coordinate the concurrency management system required by the City of Lake Wales comprehensive plan and provided in section 23-701 et seq. herein;

    f. To establish regular meetings of the development review committee, planning board and board of appeals and maintain public records of their actions.

    g. To perform other duties as may be directed by the city manager.