§ 21-86. Water shortage emergency—Use of water restricted.  

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  • (a) During any period wherein a water emergency is proclaimed by the city commission, it shall be unlawful for any person to use or utilize water from the regular water mains or connections thereto within said city during the hours prohibited by an emergency proclamation for the purpose of watering lawns, shrubs, flowers, trees, gardens and other plant life not located in the confines of a home or livable building; filling swimming pools, drawing water to fill spray trucks or tank wagons or washing vehicles and other equipment.

    (b) Every police officer and code enforcement officer of the city shall enforce the provisions of this division within the municipal limits in accordance with state and local law. The Polk County sheriff's office shall enforce the provisions of this division within those areas of the city's utility service area which are outside the municipal limits. In the initial stages of a water shortage, enforcement officials may attempt to provide violators with no more than one (1) written warning.

    (c) Violation of the provisions of this section shall constitute a civil offense, and violators shall be subject to the following penalties:

    (1) First violation. Twenty-five dollars ($25.00).

    (2) Second and subsequent violations. Fine not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00) and/or imprisonment in Polk County jail not to exceed sixty (60) days. Each day in violation of this section shall constitute a separate offense.

(Ord. No. 96-06, § 1, 5-21-96)