§ 21-57. Compliance with regulatory requirements.

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  • (a) General. The provisions of this division shall not be construed as alleviating compliance with applicable state and federal regulations. Specific user charge and industrial cost recovery requirements, promulgated pursuant to Public Law 92-500, shall be considered as a part of this division upon official adoption. All nonresidential users will be required to comply with pretreatment standards as outlined in Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 403.

    (b) Federal categorical pretreatment standards. Upon the promulgation of the federal categorical pretreatment standards for a particular industrial subcategory, the federal standard, if more stringent than limitations imposed under this division for sources in that subcategory, shall immediately supersede the limitations imposed under this article. The appropriate approval authority shall notify all affected users of the applicable reporting requirements under 40 CFR, Section 403.12.

    (c) Modification of federal categorical pretreatment standards. Where the city's wastewater treatment system achieves consistent removal of pollutants limited by federal pretreatment standards, the city may apply to the appropriate approval authority for modification of specific limits of a pollutant or alteration of the nature of the pollutant by the wastewater treatment system to a less toxic or harmless state in the effluent which is achieved by the system for ninety-five (95) percent of the samples taken when measured according to the procedures set forth in section 403.7(C)(2) of (Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 403) General Pretreatment Regulations for Existing and New Sources of Pollution promulgated pursuant to the Act. The city may then modify pollutant discharge limits in the federal pretreatment standards if the requirements contained in 40 CFR Part 403, Section 403.7 are fulfilled and prior approval from the appropriate authority is obtained.

    (d) State requirements. State requirements and limitations on discharges shall apply in any case where they are more stringent than federal requirements and limitations of those in this division.

    (e) Requirements for industrial uses. Industrial uses may be required to provide information needed to determine compliance with this article. Such requirements may include:

    (1) Wastewater discharge peak rate and volume over a specified time period.

    (2) Chemical analyses of wastewater.

    (3) Information on raw materials, processes, and products affecting wastewater volume and quality.

    (4) Quantity and disposition of specific liquid, sludge, oil, solvent or other materials important to sewer use control.

    (5) A plot plan of sewers on the user's property showing sewer and pretreatment facility location.

    (6) Details of wastewater pretreatment facilities.

    (7) Details of systems to prevent and control the losses of materials through spills to the municipal sewer.

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